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Customer Issues Fixed


Customer Issues Fixed: Build 10200

  • Test Actions fails if mail server is configured with secured connection details (Issue Id: 94951)
  • Standalone to Probe migration fails due to Postgres database support is fixed (Issue Id: 94922)
  • VMware virtual switch error is rectified (Issue Id: 94903)
  • Issue in monitoring disk array data for Dell servers is fixed (Issue Id: 94862)
  • Out of Memory error occurs due to VCenter bulk host data fetching is fixed now (Issue Id : 94829)
  • Read only users able to view All devices / All Interface details is corrected now (Issue Id: 94811)
  • Issue of status not getting updated for URL monitors at times is fixed (Issue Id: 94780)
  • Syslog severity not changed in Non-English version is fixed (Issue Id: 94755)
  • Devicetype not mapped if the device is added using Rest API is fixed (Issue Id: 94754)
  • Alarms not shown for SNMP V1 traps is fixed (Issue Id: 94752)
  • Device status not updated at times due to timeout is fixed (Issue Id: 94750)
  • Unable to add a non pingable device using Add device option is fixed (Issue Id: 94733)
  • Business view loading page optimized (Issue Id : 94723)
  • Device specific thresholds not shown in workflow criteria page are fixed (Issue Id: 94720)
  • $DisplayName variable supported in Script monitors now (Issue Id: 94643)
  • Database archiving (hourly / daily) triggered automatically during server start up for the previous hour / day if it misses the same.
  • At times, probe registration fails if the probe name length is greater than 25 characters is fixed
  • Issue of 100% CPU due to hardware monitors is fixed now
  • Issue of hardware monitors shown incorrectly in System diagnostics is fixed now
  • Thresholds if modified in Device templates is overwritten for already configured devices, is fixed now
  • Enhancements and fixes made in OpManager Database backup and restore for all databases
  • Issue of NCM database not started if OpManager uses MySQL database is fixed
  • Issue of OpManager web client loading slowly in MySQL database is fixed
  • Stray entries in the database due to interface, service, URL monitors if deleted, is fixed
  • Unable to login to OpManager client, if the user license count is not set correctly in the license file is fixed
  • Process Monitor data collection not done due to NumberOfLogicalProcessor method not present in Windows XP and 2003 machines is fixed now
  • Devices at times missed in business views a device category is changed with immediate rediscovery is fixed
  • New Client API options missed in the earlier build is fixed now
  • API XML Response issue for List Devices is fixed (Issue Id: 4580213)
  • Page navigation issue in Agents List page for MSSQL database is fixed
  • At times, Agent hangs issue is rectified (Issue Id: 45476 71)
  • URL Monitors at times, not monitors due to User-Agent variable is fixed now
  • Issue of multiple racks of the same can be created is fixed (Issue Id: 4581786)
  • Issue of default WMI monitors such as CPU, Memory, Disk not collected for custom windows device templates is fixed now
  • OpManager security vulnerability due to tomcat is addressed now
  • OpManager server - local host device will be discovered by default during fresh installation.
  • Alarms - Category field shows as question mark, for traps if the IP address is null for interface is fixed (Issue Id: 95136)

Customer Issues Fixed: Build 10100

    •    If any interface has Null as its IP address the interfaces are not discovered  properly and then error page shown when you click on Interfaces tab (Issue ID 94414 )
    •    SNMP v1/v3 devices responds partially to SNMP v2 and thus throws error when parsing the SNMP response during shallow discovery. (Issue ID 94390 )
    •    Discovery fails if device display name contains special characters, is fixed (Issue ID 94375 )
    •    Monitors ,Notification Profiles, Interface Tab doesn't show for NetApp Devices is corrected (Issue ID 4554403 )
    •    NCM fails to connect in https mode is fixed
    •    Issue in viewing the Business view  if any interface traffic is null is fixed
    •    At times, Netapp Storage devices is not categorized correctly is resolved
    •    Trap OID Contains matching fails in during SNMP Trap Processing is rectified
    •    OutofMemory error due to Layer 2 polling is fixed
    •    Events Summary widget display the event type  as Null for the UPS specific alarms is fixed (Issue ID 94206 )
    •    Unable to view the alarm escalation due to stray entries in the database is fixed (Issue ID 4554674)
    •    WMI Monitors will be shown only if the device type name contains 'WIN' is corrected. Hereafter its based on the vendor type
    •    Extra slash added in the credential settings page while updating the  credentials is fixed
    •    If multiple statsdata hourly table is created in a particular day, then all the tables are not considered for the daily table archiving. This is fixed now  (Issue ID 4552226 )
    •    Unable to start OpManager (enterprise edtion) in Windows XP  is fixed
    •    Database restoration fails from mysql to postgres database is fixed now
    •    In linux script execution, if cli fails the script exits unexpectedly(due to some error), then is not opened again (Issue ID 4535355 )
    •    Workflow logs are now filtered based on workflow id (Issue ID 4560985 )
    •    Check URL & HTTP Post Data\Result tasks execution failed in WorkFlow is fixed (Issue ID 94366)
    •    Time format if configured for 24 hrs in system settings was not reflected in the client (Issue ID 94235 )
    •    Unable to view the subtabs in Chrome version 6 is fixed (issue ID 94290 )
    •    Option to configure the length of  alarm message is provided. This will be reflected in the Alarms page and in all alarm specific widgets (Issue ID 92020 )
    •    Bcp.exe and bcp.rll  files are copied correctly now in MSSQL Express edition builds  (Issue ID 94216 )
    •    Autocomplete off done for username and password fields
    •    Incorrect values shown for CPU Utilization - Top 3 Process list. This is corrected now.
    •    Process Monitor data collection fails for CLI protocol is fixed
    •    Space in credential name leads to Access Denied error message in Add New Process Template page. This is fixed now
    •    Technician name filtering  in alarm page now works correctly for  pgsql and mysql databases
    •    Provision to add the AD user in API is supported now
    •    Database disconnection at times occurs, which is due to frequent query which is triggered to check the user permission level. This is fixed now
    •    Incorrect received syslog has  unknown string as host name, now host name taken from packet (Issue ID 4567408)
    •    Device template will not be applied, if "Show All Devices" option selected. This is fixed (Issue ID 94456 )
    •    Host snap shot page now shows the Orphaned vm's


Customer Issues Fixed: Build 10000

    •    MSSQL instance name duplication due to "MSSQLFDLauncher" services is resolved.
    •    Issue with backslash character in WMI attributes leading to an error page is fixed now. (Issue ID 93648)
    •    Issue with managing URL’s due to license check is fixed now. (Issue Id 93539)
    •    Now ‘${IPAddress}’ variable can be used in workflows. (Issue Id 93694)
    •    Alarms added via ‘Add Event’ API can be cleared with Rest API. (Support Request Id 4542842)
    •    Difference in device count shown in ‘About’ page and ‘Probe’ link under admin tab is fixed.
    •    Probe slow down issue is fixed.
    •    Issue with “Execute Windows Script” task not responding while executing workflows is fixed. (Issue ID 93738)
    •    New filtering parameters are added in Rest API for listing alarms. (Support Request Id 4498614)
    •    In IE, the issue with real-time graphs in device snapshot page not showing up is fixed now. (Support Request Id 4521422)
    •    Devices by Packet Loss widget was displaying zero packet loss condition in red bar. Now it has been fixed and changed to green color.
    •    Issue with false alert getting generated for windows services is fixed.
    •    Issue with configuring username in authentication details of mail server has been resolved.
    •    Data truncation issue in SysLog email notification due to the presence of angular brackets (< , >) in SysLog message has been resolved now (Issue Id 93569)
    •    SysLog alarms are not getting generated when there is a single syslog rule. This issue is fixed. (Issue Id 93524)
    •    Issue  with URL monitors not getting updated on consecutive times even when threshold is enabled, is fixed.  (Issue ID 93915)
    •    Single quote issue in IE while executing windows script in workflows is fixed now.
    •    The issue with multiple thresholds configured in newly created Device Template not getting reflected in central & other probes is fixed now.
    •    Issue related to recurring notifications is fixed. (Issue Id 93672)
    •    The issue with showing an error Message "Router IOS version may be lower than 12.3" shown even though the device is of greater IOS is fixed
    •    IPSLA link status getting greyed out i.e. unmanaged is fixed
    •    In IPSLA, issue with adding IPSLA in French and editing display names is fixed
    •    Probe trying to register with Standalone OpManager Edition in enterprise edition is
    •    resolved now.
    •    During Failover, Unwanted Timers that runs when in standby mode is cancelled and stopped.
    •    Multiple syslog rule creation caused by refreshing ‘submit’ page of Syslog addition is fixed.
    •    Logo was missing in availability reports. Now logo has been added (Issue ID 93449)
    •    Icons to display critical and trouble threshold status in List view page have been added.
    •    Now you can also Windows Service monitor by using vendor name instead of type.Services, and URL monitors are allowed for categories
    •    For users with full control to a business view, adding WMI monitors option was disabled. This issue has been fixed. (Issue ID 93555)
    •    Issue with iPhone alarm page navigation issue is fixed (Issue ID 93515)
    •    For printers, even though no alerts are configured when it turns to clear state, alerts are getting raised. This issue has been fixed.  (Issue ID 93614)
    •    Average value is shown in threshold alerts for CPU utilization with multiple instances.
    •    When editing any Availability and Response report, certain options were missing. This issue has been fixed.
    •    Proper icon was not associated for devices from Dell. This issue has been fixed. 
    •    The status of the Services shown wrongly in Maps --> details view is corrected now (Issue ID 93875)
    •    Test Action at times failes  for System Command / Run Program profiles if the Alarm Message contains $ symbol is fixed (Issue Id 94057)
    •    Problem Retrieving XML data alert popup while viewing WAN RTT Monitors (Issue Id 93737)
    •    Run System Command profile fails for trap, when we select the specific traps in Notification profile. This is fixed now (Support Request Id 4538155)
    •    Technician name filter in the alarms page is fixed
    •    Unable to  start postgres database in german installation is fixed (issue id  93801)
    •    Unable to rediscover the interfaces for the devices discovered as non snmp device and then configuring snmp credentials for the same. (Issue Id 92587)

Customer Issues Fixed: Build 9410
  1. No data getting collected for interfaces when there is partial response for interface OiDs. This bas been fixed now.
  2. Backup and restore of OpManager database fails at times. This has been fixed now.
  3. Database changes happens twice if the PPM is installed both in Primary and Secondary server. This has been fixed now.
  4. Unable to login to OpManager web client at times. This has been fixed now.
  5. Support of ‘consecutive times’ in services fails due to the service – exchange. This has been handled now.
  6. Loading of OpManager web client is slow after 9400 build. This has been fixed now.
  7. Unable to share device / script templates after 9400 build. This has been fixed now.
  8. Event log alerts are not raised if ‘consecutive times’ is configured. This has been fixed now.

Customer Issues Fixed: Build 9400
  1. Issue ID: 90727 - Option provided to export 'Bulk credential test' result to Excel spreadsheet.
  2. Issue ID: 84460 - The issue while associating Event Log rule from Quick Configuration Wizard for a custom Windows device type is now fixed. (Note: The device type name should with Windows, for e.g. "Microsoft Windows").
  3. Issue ID: 84033 - Custom Report showing any one partition details for multiple disk partition utilization report issue is now fixed.
  4. Issue ID: 87977 - MIB browser  - At times, double clicking "get" button throws error popup issue is fixed now.
  5. Issue ID: 89182 - Report Header Image Logo  added with all Helath report related pdfs.
  6. Issue ID: 90777 - The 'Select all' option is now fixed while associating SNMP Trap processors to devices in 'Notification Criteria' page.
  7. Issue ID: 87228 - The missing MAC server device type icon in ....web-client\devices\images\ folder is now added.
  8. Customer period availability report issue is now fixed.
  9. Issue ID: 90738 - DataAccessException related to Mail Server Settings related is now fixed.
  10. False positives issue related to File Modification in File Monitor features is now fixed.
  11. Page loading slow issue for MS SQL device snapshot page, if the device has more than 10 database instance is now optimized for quick page loading.
  12. Unable to set rearm value same as threshold value issue has been fixed - To avoid future confusion the rearm condition is now changed from '>' to '>='.
  13. Issue ID: 91057 - Creating a New custom dashboard goes to error page issue has been fixed. 
  14. Issue ID: 91067 - Set as default option is now removed in custom dashboards.
  15. Issue ID: 90953 - Issue while showing the graph in an embedded real-time graphs widget is now fixed.
  16. Issue ID: 90918 - List the devices in a Business View will work in mobile UI.
  17. Issue ID: 90910 - Mobile UI login issue is now fixed.
  18. Wrong value shown under the Top 3 Memory Utilizing process issue is now fixed.
  19. Issue related to 'Consecutive Times' check for threshold based numeric and string monitor is now fixed.
  20. CLI related optimization and issues are fixed.
  21. Device Template stored details of multiple node graphs, if removed from the templates has been fixed.
  22. Options provide in the BackupDB.bat to exclude NetFlow and NCM plugin backups (Command : BackupDB.bat -exclude  netflow, ncm).
  23. The URL getting truncated after '/' in Check URL action of workflow module issue has been fixed. 
  24. Global association of process monitor to a device via workflow is done.
  25. URL monitoring issue related to long header situation is now handled.
  26. Issue ID: 91179Enterprise Edition specific issues: No infrastructure view or devices count found in Site Widget under custom dashboard.
  27.  Enterprise Edition: A widget is added to list URL alarms count under 'Site widgets' category in Central server web-client.
  28. Alarm suppression not working for IP SLA alarms, even when the source device is at unmanaged stated is now fixed.
  29. In some cases, alarms not getting triggered, when the set threshold is violated in an IP SLA monitor is now been fixed. 
  30. SysLog Alarm is not generated if the received syslog has its host name in header is now fixed.
  31. Health report y-axis label not shown, if the value is less then 1 issue is now fixed.
  32. Unable to add event via REST API by giving IP address issue is now fixed.
  33. The issue with system setting -> time zone updates not reflecting in the top right of the product UI is now fixed.
  34. Issue ID: 91420 - Device Summary widget does not list devices when the display name contains "&" issue is now fixed.
  35. Issue ID: 91340 - Last N hours values of a performance monitor widget does not show value for Last 30 days time period issue has been fixed. 
  36. Devices not getting discovered using nmap command in Linux OS (RHEL) is now fixed.
  37. Issue ID: 91435 - Event type "critical" is now added to Admin -> Event Log Rule section.
  38. Error page shown while accessing the Notification profile option from the Device Snapshot page issue is now fixed.
  39. Option to customization alarm message's length is now introduced.
  40. Ability to customize the default set of monitors to be associated to MS SQL monitoring as 'Auto add' column is now provided.
  41. Issue ID: 90961 - Distracting alert box in IE saying "12029 Unknown" when viewing real time widgets is now fixed.
  42. Issue ID: 90549 - disk.vbs and disk_snapshot.vbs are overwritten during upgrade issues has been fixed.
  43. Now it is made possible to associate asset information in ticket details.
  44. Option provided to enabled log-in page ad from system settings page, if the ads are permanently closed by the customer.
  45. If ServiceDesk plus is configured not to close the tickets without adding a resolution, OpManager will add the alarm clear state as resolution and close the ticket.
  46. Partition-wise disk utilization monitor thresholds can now be applied during the device discovery.
  47. Issue ID: 90894 - $eventType is added in alarm variable list of notification profile.
  48. Slowness while discovering SNMP v3 devices is now fixed. 
  49. Changes to the SNMPv3 credentials in the snapshot page, doesn't change in few tables as expected. The result lead to data collection stop issue has been fixed.
  50. Real time Monitor hangs in widget/CCTV custom dashboard issue is fixed now.
  51. The Consecutive Times setting can be set now independently to each service monitor.
  52. Services/ Windows Services/ WMI Service (AD/Excahnge/MSSQL) monitors status propagation handled for manual alarm clear and delete.
  53. No more alerts for removed Service/ Windows Service/ WMI Service(AD/Excahnge/MSSQL) monitors.
  54. The Virtual Machine information will be invalid when the datastore connectivity is lost with the ESX host, and OpManager trying to sync inventory changes with ESX either during discovery/rediscovery. We have restricted such invalid VM (Unknown) entry getting updated in OpManager database.
  55. When datastore is removed from ESX server, all the threshold entries associated for the VMs and V-Host getting removed are now restricted.  
  56. The ESX and the Virtual Machines data collection getting affected because of any stale data-store related polling entries got merged with valid entries is fixed now.
  57. Issue ID: 86772 - Association of VMware credential from the various list views is now taken care.
  58. Issue ID: 91046 - VM ESX Host discovery failure due to the VMs with same UUID has been resolved.
  59. Issue ID: 91070 - Threshold of VM's getting reset with default template configuration for the vMotioned VM's of ESX server has been fixed.
  60. Issue ID: 90987 - The VMware host data collection problem because of  DNS name not treated case-insensitive in the cache has been fixed.
  61. The event monitoring to identify vMotion or VM inventory changes in ESX and HyperV, which got interrupted and stopped further monitoring on error scenarios has been fixed.
  62. The Virtual host ESX & HyperV not listed when configuring workflow on selecting Virtual Device category is now fixed.
  63. Issue ID: 91133 - Option provide to apply Windows monitoring templates for HyperV hosts.
  64. HyperV guest un-mapping issues to the Host inventory is been handled now. 
  65. Hyper-V 'Disk Read Latency' and 'Disk Write Latency' monitor's Consecutive times related issues are fixed.
  66. Issue ID90772 - HyperV Host devices are now shown in VMware ESX/ ESXi monitoring template.
  67. Issue ID: 89369 - Hyper-V Host Collection/NextPoll time is displayed now in snapshot page.
  68. Issue ID: 90717 - Data collection stops for VM performance monitors, if the virtual guest is moved to Domain Controller category is now being fixed.
  69. Issue ID: 83815 - All devices are shown in virtual device reports for full control with Business access privileged users.
  70. Issue ID: 91178 - If the list views (excluding Virtualization dashboard) of devices contains the virtual devices then stats are now properly shown from VMware tables.
  71. Issue ID: 90736 - While importing Device Template, if the category is not present, then they are added automatically as custom category. 
  72. Issue ID: 90796 - Vendor Sub-category Name, Index, Display column are now supported in Import/Export Device Template option.
  73. SMS modem disconnected repeatedly while trying to trigger SMS through workflow module is fixed now.
  74. Business View -  Fixed shortcut count problem for OpManager with MS SQL back-end.
  75. Business View -  Handled issues related to cookie problem when Flash viewer didn't loaded properly.
  76. Business View -  "Label Name & IP Address" are shown for Routers now.
  77. Business View -  Map Custom Icon is replaced after a new Device Template is applied.
  78. Business View -  Device Label Name is replaced by Device Display Name issue is now fixed.
  79. Business View -  For Non-English instance of OpManager, if a newly created business view didn't had a backgroundimage, it wasn't loading in the custom dashboard widget. This issue is now fixed.
  80. Business View -  Alert box changed in Edit Map screen.
  81. Business View -  The Business View names were now listed in ascending order for non-admin users as well.
  82. Disk Forecasting  Report-  Forecasting report didn't show, when the table split up has been fixed now.
  83. Trap -  Fixed question marks (????) shown in category field for trap message received from Desktop.
  84. Trap -  Correct Category didn't show for "$Agent" type  in  Trap Alert message. It showed the "$Source"  device category's Name. Is now fixed.
  85. IPSLA - Selected notification profiles in IPSLA Monitor Threshold Template are now showing as selected.
  86. IPSLA - Now you can select all alarms in WAN RTT and VoIP monitors tab.
  87. IPSLA - NPE during WAN/ VoIP monitors configuration, if the source has the notification profile already associated in Probe setup issue has been fixed now. 
  88. Issue ID: 91493 - Enterprise Edition - Error page shown while trying to configure notifications for probe down alarms is now fixed.
  89. Enterprise Edition - Unable to start probe if DataID.dmp got corrupted issue is now handled in the product.
  90. Enterprise Edition - Unable to start probe if there is any pending response from Central [ a threadlock situation ] is now fixed.
  91. Enterprise Edition - Status of probe not getting changed in central, even though the device,alarms are getting updated properly in central is now being handled.
  92. Enterprise Edition - Both the primary and standby probes are showing as Up, even though one of them is down is fixed now.
  93. Issue ID: 91714 - Fixed the 0kb file issue while exporting (last 60 days or last 90 days) performance reports as spreadsheets.
  94. NCM Plugin - Import devices in plugin to show the Display Name instead of IP address
  95. Unable to login, onkeeping custom tab as first tab - Now login done based on their Type.
  96. Display name gets truncated in infrastructure view if the name contains '&'  is fixed now.
  97. Unable to generate Down time report in MS SQL backend instance of OpManager is been addressed.
  98. Unable to delete sample ticket generated by OpManager in ServiceDesk Plus (during start up) is been fixed now.
  99. Device availability widget query changed in MS SQL backend instances.
  100. Trail popup will be shown at every login with an option to close it permanently to the prospects.
  101. Only selected services and windows services will be shown under Notification profile (from device snapshot page) -> Criteria options.
  102. Error Handling done for ServiceDesk add on product settings.
  103. Now the list view pages across the product has a default pagination of 100.
  104. Fail Over - Heart Beat Schedular (which is used to update the LastCount value in the BEFailOver table) will not be started for Standalone server. It will be triggered in the following scenario
    1. When the Standby server is registered with the Primary server
    2. When the Standby make itself as Primary
    3. When the Primary send a request to the Standby server to perform failover.
  105. Mail server timeout value will not be considered , while sending the emails from now on.
  106. Device availability query changed for custom time period reports.
  107. Fixed the error 'Managed Object not present' when the interface Display Name is configured from the interfaces snapshot page, configure option.
  108. Issues related to Interface status polling using ICMP Ping is fixed.
  109. Discovery status is not changed for existed network from now on.
  110. Archiving query execution time is included in audit description.
  111. No data available issue in performance monitor graphs related reports (At a glance report,Custom report) in discontinued device snapshot page.
  112. Issue ID: 91892 - FQDN used in embed widget URLs
  113. Issue ID: 92120 & 91334 - Allows already existing MS SQL DB name in the installation wizard.
  114. Issue ID: 90608 - Allows special character in the password (MS SQL DB panel from the installation wizard)

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